IMG_2245“John Byrd is the inspired choice.  His performance here is so vibrantly nuanced that his facial expressions and eye movements often speak more powerfully than his words.  Whenever he enters the set, the action becomes more alive.  In the midst of a cast as good as this, that is something.” Keith Kreitman, Oakland Tribune

“The star of the play is Byrd, who steals every scene in which he appears. Byrd is talented at assuming accents … Byrd has a certain comic flair which radiates through all his roles and makes watching him particularly enjoyable.”  David L. Greene, Harvard Crimson

“Olivia’s manservant, Malvolio (John Byrd), is superb in his soliloquy of above-his-status and below-his-beltline fantasizing.”  Heidi Nye, Signal Tribune

“John Byrd is a handsome, sensuous and seductive Dracula. He manages to make the character even more menacing with a smooth, openly erotic dignity.” Keith Kreitman, Oakland Tribune

“John Byrd does an excellent job as the play’s pivotal character, Peter, a weird kind of disassociated madman who might actually be the only sane person in the universe.”  Joel Beers, OC Weekly


2012-10-16“An unusually sensitive telling of what goes on just beneath the surface, behind the back door, in the unscheduled moments of a family.” Ken Bullock, The Berkeley Daily Planet

“A rich world set in a backwoods trailer home, in which the still-potent dreams of the past rise up to compete with the sometimes
stormy realities of the here and now.” Dan Brodnitz, The Alameda Sun

Zombie Vixens From Hell: Best in San Francisco Theatre, San Francisco Bay Guardian; Editor’s choice, The List, San Francisco Chronicle

“Complex characters and believable dialogue …. individuals who bring to life the hardship and simple pleasures of remote, rural living.”
Sally Hogarty, SF Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

“Unabashed wackiness, well paced by director Robert Lundy-Paine, as unlisted cast members Angela Dant and Jeremy Vik sing, juggle, brawl, and shatter the fourth wall..  It’s an amusing little romp.” Sam Hurwitt, editor-in-chief, Callboard Magazine